The Never Ending Journey: Updates to the 2011 Can. Spec Fic List for the Auroras

We’ve been making some changes to the list of 2011 Canadian Spec Fic. (see 2011 Can. SF tab above). Mostly we’ve been adding new entries as we find them, or when we are provided the information.

However, because the organizational structure has been causing headaches both for us, and for users, based on the category structure (“Best Related Work” simply has too much information to scan comfortably), we have decided to break up those categories into their respective groups: Magazines, Anthologies, Single-Author Collections, Critical Non-Fiction, etc.

We had originally grouped these items together because they are voted for under a single category: “Best Related Work”. But, as stated above, it’s simply too confusing to read in that fashion. Hopefully this will help make the list more manageable on all sides. Let us hear from you on this issue. We’d like the list to be as accessible and complete as possible, but that only happens with user input.

Also, amusingly, it turns out that this list itself can be put forward for an Aurora Award under the “Best Fan Other” category. Though this is obviously not why the list was started, it would be a very generous gesture on the part of those who wish to do so, and would be greatly appreciated by our staff, as Michael has now spent over 125 hours, and counting, on compiling/managing the list. If you are going to vote for/put forward the list in the “Best Fan Other” category, please credit Michael Matheson as the author/creator in your entry form.

And irregardless of whether or not you’re filling out preliminary or nominating ballots for the Auroras this year, if you have information that would help fill out the list, please share it. You can do so by using the Comments field (of the 2011 Can. SF page), e-mailing it to us (at or by giving us a heads-up on Twitter (@fomcontest). And if you can include a link to where that information is available (free to read, at Amazon, the publisher’s site, etc.), we’ll put that in the entry too.

We’re still putting the active links together, and if you spot a line that doesn’t have a link and you know one that works – especially a link to where an article or story is free to read – please send it our way.

Thanks immensely, and keep writing and sending your contest submissions as well. We’ve enjoyed seeing a wide spectrum of work come in over the transom so far, and we look forward to reading the rest of the entries.


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