All Roads Lead Home (Two Weeks to the End of the 2011-2012 Reading Period)

We’re now a little less than two weeks away from the close of the 2011-2012 reading period. We won’t be able to take any submissions past midnight (EST) on Feb, 15, 2012, so make sure you get your submissions in before this year’s reading period ends.

We’ve had some fantastic submissions so far, and seen quite a variety in terms of content and genre. We’ve also had some lovely compliments along the way, and the general consensus seems to be that people are happy to have another contest to submit to, and are more than happy to work with us for what we all agree is an excellent cause.

We’ve held off sending out rejections, both because of our slush reading process, and also because we intend to send out rejections and shortlist notifications at the same time, once we’ve made our decision as to the nine finalist entries, which we’ll announce at the beginning of March – ideally on the 1st.

For now, keep sending your submissions. We are, as always, looking forward to what’s coming in. And thank you again to everyone who has participated, sent good wishes, and helped with promoting the contest.


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