Further Updates to the 2011 Can. Spec Fic List for the Auroras

More changes to the list of 2011 Canadian Spec Fic. (see 2011 Can. SF tab above). Additions, obviously, but because the CanadianSF Database uses the ” * ” to allow eligible authors to denote their preferred work for nomination in the Auroras, we decided to adopt their use of the asterisk in order to avoid confusion.

So, henceforth, we will be using ” (*) ” to indicate the work an author would like you to nominate on the Aurora ballot, and we will now be using ” (+) ” to indicate Fan publications. This shift may, admittedly, result in a touch of confusion now, but we’re hoping it makes things clear in the long run – especially later once the voting ballots are distributed and clarity becomes a key concern.

We’ve also added a section for listings under the Fan Organizational category. We originally refrained from listing it as we were back and forth on the idea of moving beyond fiction, but since we’ve also added the Critical Non-Fiction and Artists categories there isn’t really any justification for not going all in at this point.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to send us information about 2011 Canadian Spec Fic work (in all categories) that we don’t have listed yet, or that we have listed incorrectly. You can do so by using the Comments field (of the 2011 Can. SF page), e-mailing it to us (at fomsscontest@gmail.com) or by giving us a heads-up on Twitter (@fomcontest). And if you can include a link to where that information is available (free to read, at Amazon, the publisher’s site, etc.), we’ll put that in the entry too.


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