Touch the Sky: The 2011-2012 Finalist Shortlist Announced

First things first. There were 102 entries to the 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest, which, for an inaugural contest, is staggering. We owe everyone who submitted, promoted, and otherwise aided the contest another HUGE vote of thanks.

So, from us to you:

You’re awesome, International Spec Fic Community. We couldn’t have done this without you.

And now on to what everyone really came for:

The 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest slush readers have come to their decisions regarding the nine finalist entries. We’ve passed them on to the Final Panel Judges, and we’ll have a decision on the three winning stories on or before April 1st, 2012.

In the meantime, the following stories are the nine finalist entries for the 2011-2012 contest year, sans author names:

Climbing Boys

Muffy and the Belfry

My Profit On’t Is

Rikidōzan and the San Diego Swerve Job

The Emmet

The Mobius Garden

The Ties That Bind


Your First Real Rocket Ship

Once the final winners have been announced we’ll release the names of the authors behind the finalist entries.

We’re still compiling our statistical breakdown of the entries, and that will be posted once the information is available. We’re also in the process of sending out rejections. However, given that we received just over 100 entries that’s going slowly. We’d hoped to get to everyone today, but that’s looking a little, how shall we put it, unrealistic?

So, don’t fret. Everyone will get an update on their submission(s). Thanks for bearing with us, and, again, thank you to everyone who entered.

We’ll have a full submissions breakdown for you soon.

And, as always, if you have any questions you can address them to Michael Matheson at


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