By the Numbers: A Breakdown of the 2011-2012 Contest Year

As of this morning all responses – both finalist notifications and rejections – have been sent out.

And looking back over the entries there were very few problems with the submissions we received. And the things that were minor issues were pretty much the things you generally expect to see in any slush pile:

  • One story that had no speculative element.
  • Stories with copyright notifications embedded in the text.
  • Mail server issues that led to one or two people having to resend their submissions after Gmail ate their subs en route.
  • Some trunk stories.
  • A number of pieces that could have done with another read through for formatting and copyediting issues.

But these are all basic things. What we are very pleased about is the level of response we saw, even in this, our inaugural year. And to that end we’ve provided a breakdown of the entrants and submissions information. It should also serve as more general interest information for those who are curious about what (some of) the internal workings of a contest like ours look like:

Overall Breakdown:

80 Entrants
102 Submissions (16 hard copy, 86 electronic)

Entrant Gender Split: 51 Male / 29 Female

Submissions by Month:

Submissions in November: 6
Submissions in December: 4
Submissions in January: 30
Submissions in February: 62

Submissions by Region/Country:

North America

Canada: 87
US: 8


United Kingdom: 5 (2 from Scotland)
Czech Republic: 1


Australia: 1

Finalists Overall Breakdown:

1 hard copy entry, 8 electronic entries

Finalist Gender Split: 3 Male / 6 Female

Finalist Entries Received By Month:

Finalist Stories in November: 0
Finalist Stories in December: 2
Finalist Stories in January: 2
Finalist Stories in February: 5

Finalist Entries by Region/Country:

North America

Canada: 8
US: 1

And speaking to finalist information, we’ll be revealing the names of the authors of the finalist stories when we declare our winners, on or before April 1st. In the meantime we’ve given the finalists free rein to discuss that they are on the list – so you may have already heard from some of them about this – and we’ve just asked them not to reveal which story is theirs in order to keep the Final Panel adjudications impartial.

As ever, if you have any queries please address them to Michael Matheson at


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