The Last Three Stories Standing

The Final Judges Panel has held the proverbial cage match for the finalist stories, and we’ve come away with the last three stories standing.

Now that we’ve selected the winners of the inaugural Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest, we’re going to take a few days to get in touch with all the finalists. We’ll be announcing the winners once we’ve had a chance to get in touch with everyone, and then we’ll be displaying both the winners’ circle and the other six finalist stories with attendant author names.

We’re on track to have that list up by April 1st, at the latest, so you can expect that go up shortly. We’ll also be displaying the full text of the winning stories on the website beginning no later than May 1st, and hopefully a good deal sooner than that.

And, you know, being here in the home stretch of our first year, being able to look back on all the help offered, all the stories submitted, and, indeed, the vast diversity of stories we got a chance to read, we wanted to offer another thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this contest work. You’ve helped us spread the word, sent us your work, offered moral support, and generally helped us create another outlet for the international Spec Fic community to come together. That’s no small thing, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to show our appreciation loudly enough.

But one thing we absolutely have to do is give a special thank you to everyone who submitted but didn’t make the finalist cut. Contests are a brutal proving ground, and all of us on this end have been there. We know how terrifying it is to set your work adrift on that vast and terrifying ocean, waiting to see if it can weather the fierce seas and battering winds of that perilous sea to make safe harbour, or whether those fathomless depths will claim your work and drag it down to the cold and empty black of lightless deeps. Yes, I ran that metaphor straight into the ground, but, in all earnestness, thank you for showing the courage you did by submitting to the contest. We hope you are the better by it, and we wish you all luck, whatever path your writing may lead you down.

So, that being said, we suggest everyone stick around. We’ll have a fully attributed finalist list and winners’ circle up sooner than you think.


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