One Month to Go (2015 Version)

Toronto Skyline by chasewolfman

We have been open to submissions for two months now, with one month left!

Submissions have been strong so far, but we have a ways to go. Overwhelmingly, our entries this year are from… Toronto! The local scene seems to get stronger and stronger every year, but don’t worry, our submissions are blinded to the readers – and we love to read stories from all over the world!

In addition to more international submissions, we would love to see more submissions from women, POC, and members of the QUILTBAG community. We strongly encourage those unique pieces you worry won’t fit anywhere else. We are a open and welcoming Contest with a great love of work that challenges us!

For the locals – not sure about your story? Consider bringing it down to SFContario/Canvention this weekend (November 20th-22nd 2015.) In addition to a great schedule of readings, panels, and shows, there are some great workshop opportunities for emerging and established writers both.

On Saturday, November 21st, 7-9 pm, Douglas Smith will be running a workshop version of his popular Amazing Stories series (also available as a book and a course at the University of Toronto,) “Playing the Short Game.”

On Sunday, November 22nd, 10-11am, AE SciFi publisher Duff McCourt will provide an authentic “First Page Slush Experience,” critiquing and commenting on the first page of your story.

So submit soon, and submit often! The contest closes on Sunday,December 20th, 2015. We look forward to reading you!


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