The 5th Annual Contest Longlist!

“Trophy” by snaku6763

Thanks everybody for your patience! The semifinal results are now in and the reading team has settled on the finalists in the 5th Annual Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest!

The 12 longlisted stories are*:

The Hole in the Wall
Remembrance of Worlds Past
The Jungle Between
In Her Footsteps
The God Beast of Duolunduo
Listen and You Will See
The Promise of Iron
Pests and Perfection
Old Crow
Two from the Field, Two from the Mill
Memories of Clover

Responses have gone out to all entrants. If you have not heard from us about your submission, please query! The judging panel will now go over the finalists and decide between them who will take home the top three prizes. Good luck to everyone!

* Author names have been omitted to maintain anonymity. Titles provided for entrants to confirm their submission’s status.


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  1. Reblogged this on ANDREW LEON HUDSON and commented:

    And it might be for me, because my story is one of the twelve on the longlist for the “Friends of the Merril” short story contest. All entries are currently anonymous, so you’ll just have to believe me – at least until a decision is made, probably at the end of January…

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    Can you do that? Thanks for listening!

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